Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are so many of your videos set to 'Private' ?   -  The content is exclusively based around UK Babeshows.   As a courtesy to both the channels and girls much of the more explicit content is obscured to protect minors and to be respectful of the Channels that allow us to carry their product.

2. I want to put up my personal content why does it keep getting deleted? - If your content is not specifically 'UK -Babeshow' related then, yes, I'm afraid it will be taken down. 

3. Can I put up content of other babeshows and not just Babestation? - Yes, absolutely you can, If It is content taken from a British show that has been or is still running in the UK then put it up. If it is explicit content, such as a private cam show or similar by a Babeshow performer then please set it to 'private' when you upload it.

4. What are the bandwidth limitations on content?  The max file size you can upload is 500mb, If It's larger than that break it up into smaller parts then upload it.